Mar 3-4 – Mesa, AZ

Mar 3-4 – Mesa, AZ

Behavior Troubleshooting Workshop

Event Description:

Pack to Basics Behavior Troubleshooting workshop is the result of countless hours of in depth study and practice at creating real world results.  This workshop is as close to shadowing with Chad as you can get without traveling to Chicago. Each working spot is handled as if the dog were coming to see Chad for private lessons.

No two of these workshops will be the same, because no two dogs are the same. Watch the problem solving process unfold. See how concepts are used in creative ways and how those solutions are successfully taught to dog owners day in and day out. If you listen to the Dog Training Conversations Podcast and have wondered about how to implement the ideas talked about in the real world, this workshop is for you!  If you’ve been to another Pack To Basics workshop and you want to see how the ideas taught in those workshops translate to behavior problems, this workshop is for you.  If you want to look at a behavior problem with new eyes, this workshop is for you!

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