Shadow Program

Shadow Program

Pack to Basics Shadow Program

We are pleased to announce that Chad Mackin and Pack to Basics have teamed up with DePAW University Canine Campus inc, to offer the opportunity to for dog trainers, and those who want to be dog trainers to participate in one of the most successful and influential training programs in the country.  

Students will get to participate in all aspects of the daily activities related to training.  They will: 

  • Participate in training sessions
  • Sit in on podcast recording sessions (Tuesdays only) 
  • Sit in on Meet and Greet
  • Attend Daycare evaluations
  • Learn to monitor daycare and socializations sessions
  • Get hands on experience with dogs
  • Participate in Group Classes (seasonal availability) 

Topics covered will vary, but will generally include: 

  • Pressure/Release leash work 
  • Using a slip lead to easily get willing cooperation from unruly dogs
  • Reading dog social cues
  • Reading the adrenaline level of a dog or a group of dogs
  • When and how to reset dogs in social settings
  • Using conditioned relaxation 
  • Using name and explain and “If/then” statements to speed up learning and compliance
  • Teaching owners effectively
  • Easy and effective problems solving techniques 

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